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Emerson Accelerated Pathway for Gifted and High Achieving Students

Emerson Accelerated Pathway for Gifted and High Achieving Students

What’s new at Emerson! 


SAS is now The EMERSON ACCELERATED PATHWAY (EAP) for Gifted and High Achieving Students. Our new program is founded on the values and ideals of our charter document and is aligned with the state standards for GATE programs. EAP is designed to meet the needs for GATE and High Achieving students in the following areas: 

* Accelerated math 

* Socio-behavioral needs 

* Identification of high achieving students as gifted 

* Preparation for advanced coursework in high school 

* Depth of knowledge and Cognitive Complex 



Students who have been state identified as Gifted or Highly Gifted will automatically be accepted into EAP. If your child is not identified state identified Gifted there are three alternative qualifiers for EAP: 

* "Exceeds" scores in both Math and ELA on the SBAC for the 2017-18 school year. 

* A score in excess of 85% on a recognized nationally normed achievement test. 

* Teacher recommendation showing that the student meets all FOUR critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Student must also demonstrate the ability (or strong potential) to perform two years above grade level in academic subjects. (Page 2 and 3 of Application) 


All students (Gifted or Non-Gifted) must submit an application to the school by clicking on the link below and printing out the application. All applications will need to be hand delivered to the Student Services Office as soon as possible. For more information about the application, please refer to the application or contact the Student Services Office.


Emerson Accelerated Pathway Application Link Here