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2019-2020 School Site Council and Charter Board Meetings

School Site Council and Charter Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the Month at 1:30 PM on ZOOM.  

The link will be posted here thirty minutes prior to the meeting.



School Site Council and Charter Board

School Site Council and Charter Board Members


Dimone Watson

Noriko Nakada

Brycelyn Fukuji

Devyn Everts

JaQuita Bell

Steven Perez


Elaine Hseih

Dana Pagan

Christina Close

Nina Beral

Kim Thomas

Shaunte Walton

Agenda Posting Procedure

SSC and Charter Board Meeting times and dates are announced in the following ways:

  • On the Emerson Marquee in front of the school
  • In the parent newsletter email presented by PACE
  • On the Emerson website calendar

Past meeting agendas and minutes will be posted in a timely fashion.

SSC/ELAC Orientation Power Point

The link following this paragraph is the power point slides from the Orientation meeting held on September 14, 2020 for orientation to the SSC and ELAC groups.  If you missed the training you can find information on the link below.  If you have questions please email for assistance. 

Agendas and Minutes

Please click this link for access to the agendas and minutes for the School Site Council:  

September 2019 :  SSC September 2019 DOC012720-01272020110022.pdf (PDF)

October 2019:  SSC October 2019 DOC012720-01272020110106.pdf (PDF)

November 2019:  SSC November 2019.pdf (PDF)

December 2019:  SSC December 2019.pdf (PDF)

January 2020:    SSC January 2020 Part 1.pdf (PDF)    SSC January 2020 part 2.pdf (PDF)

February 2020:

March 2020: SSC Charter Board Meeting minutes March 2 2020 (1).docx (DOCX)

April 2020:

May 2020:  SSC Charter Board Meeting minutes May 4 2020.docx (DOCX) 

August 2020:  SC Charter Board Meeting minutes Aug 13 2020.docx (DOCX)