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Culmination Requirements

Emerson Community Charter Culmination Requirements

In order to culminate, all 8th grade students at Emerson must complete the following:

  1. Complete the requirements for earning a certificate of completion in 8th grade.
  2. Earn no more than 2 U's in Work Habits or Cooperation (4 total) during the entire 8th grade year.
  3. Have no more than 9 absences in the 8th grade.
  4. Have a good behavioral record.
  5. Have a clear financial record (example- library fees paid, text books returned for all grade levels).
  6. Have a clear uniform citation record.
  7. Have parents/guardians communicate with the school at least three times during the school year.

Students who fail to meet any of the culmination requirements may earn eligibility with the following options:

  1. Complete credit recovery to achieve the necessary number of credits required for culmination.  Credit recovery is only offered for fall semester grades.
  2. Bring Fall U's in the same subject up to an S or E on the Spring 18 week report card.
  3. Submit an appeal to the Culmination Appeal Committee demonstrating student is in the range "Standard Met" on the CAASP, extenuating circumstances that impact attendance, and or significant improvement in behavior, attendance and academic achievement from sixth through eight grade.
  4. If a parent/guardian does not agree with the school's decision they may appeal to the local District.

LAUSD Culmination Requirements

Besides the school based culmination requirements, the LAUSD policy requires that students earn at least 50 credits, out of a possible 60 credits, in the 8th grade. Students earn 5 credits per class per semester for a "D" or better in all classes including electives. Algebra and Geometry class are year long courses earning a total of 10 credits at the end of the school year.  Academy Time is not included in the credit total. 


Credits Per Class Per Semester


Class Fall Spring Total
History 5 credits 5 credits 10 credits
English 5 credits 5 credits 10 credits
Math 5 credits (0 credits for Alg or Geom) 5 credits (10 credits for Alg or Geom) 10 credits
Science 5 credits 5 credits 10 credits
PE 5 credits `5 credits 10 credits
Elective 5 credits 5 credits 10 credits
Total 25/30 credits 30/35 credits 60 credits