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General Information

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Things to Know

Dress Code

(For more details go to Emerson website, click on “Our School” and select “Policies and Procedures”)

  1. Monday – Thursday:
  • Navy blue or black pants, shorts, skirts or skorts (no jeans or leggings without pockets)
  • White or grey polo shirts (shirt must have collar)
  • Navy blue, tan, brown, grey or black jacket, coat, sweater, sweatshirt (no logos except Emerson)
  • Black, navy blue or white shoes/boots with white or black laces
  • Friday is “spirit day”; students can wear any Emerson logo’d shirt (or the regular dress code attire)
  • P.E. Uniform: Students must wear this uniform every day for P.E. class. Uniforms can be purchased at the Student Store (shirt is $10 shorts are $16). It is recommended to purchase two sets so that a clean uniform is always available when/if your child forgets to bring the used one home for washing.


Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Student safety is everyone’s responsibility! To help keep everyone safe and to avoid a costly ticket, please note the following rules that apply to both drop-off and pick-up:

  1. Pull up to the curb in front of school (east side of Selby Ave.) during drop off and pickup.  If you double park and your child gets in/out of your car, you may get a double-parking ticket (Parking enforcement just jots down your license plate number, and you will get a ticket in the mail).  
  2. If you drop your student off across the street from school, your student should walk to the nearest crosswalk.  DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD CROSS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! It is dangerous and YOU may receive a ticket.
  3. Read/observe the posted parking restrictions. If you park and leave your car during restricted hours, you may receive a ticket. 


Support Your Child’s School!

  1. DONATE to our Annual Campaign.  One-time donations and recurring payments accepted on the PACE website. Checks and cash accepted with donation form from the main office.
  2. VOLUNTEER for your child’s Academy and/or for PACE activities and committees.  Look for volunteer interest form in the welcome packet that will come home with your child and/or email to indicate your willingness to get involved.
  3. SHOP and Emerson gets money!
    • Link your Ralph’s card to Emerson and we will get $ every time you shop. Visit the PACE website (see other side of page) for full instructions.
    • Target Red Card (Credit OR Debit): Link your card (or sign up for a new card) so Emerson receives 1% of your purchases.  Sign-up at
    • Amazon: Go here when you want to shop at Amazon and select “Emerson Arts and Education Foundation” as your charity.  Emerson will receive a percentage of purchases.
    • Box Tops: Clip and bring in Box Tops coupons from participating grocery products.



Emerson Academies

Purpose of Academies—To Broaden the Student Experience

  • Theme-based personal learning environments, primarily during first period “Academy Time” (AT), but independent from course placements
  • Communities of students that share similar interests
  • Teachers nurture, mentor & monitor students’ academic and social-emotional growth
  • Students are exposed to unique experiences and challenged to think critically
  • May choose elective from within or out of one’s Academy


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

  • Robotics
  • Gardening
  • Forensics


ESA (Emerson Sports Academy)

  • John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success
  • CAA and UCLA athletic partnerships
  • AVID strategies and Cornell notes
  • Enhanced Fitness Goals


Arts and Media Academy

  • Performing arts (drama, set construction, costume design)
  • Theatricum Botanicum
  • Graphic design

Leadership Academy

  • Student government
  • Cheer squad
  • Peer Mediation
  • Teen “Tools for Tolerance” Program


Campus Staff:                                                                Campus Location:

Dimone Watson, Principal                                            Main Office

Marie Muckenthaler, Assistant Principal                     Adjacent to Main Office

Jaquita Bell, Office Manager                                       Main Office

Ladan Farahmand, Counselor                                      Student Services Office

Veronica Ciafone, Coordinator                                   Adjacent to Main Office

Debbie Hiesler, Bridge Coordinator                           Admin Bldg, 2nd Floor

Debbie Montano, Plant Manager                                Bungalow

Mr. Willis, Assistant Plant Manager                           Bungalow



Emerson Website

PACE Website

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