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Mathematics Department


Emerson Community Charter  Mathematics Program develops students' content knowledge, 21st Century Skills, and to become college and career ready.  Our school, as a whole, promotes global awareness, civic duty, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, innovation, information literacy, responsibility, and leadership. 


Our Mathematics Team

Miss Haney                 6th Grade CC Math

Ms. Johnson                  6th Grade CC Math

Mrs. Dillmore              7th & 8th Grade CC Math & Geometry

Ms. Shanley                  7th  & 8th Grade CC Math

Ms. Stuback                 6th Grade CC Math

Mr. Ezell                        6th & 8th Grade CC Math

Dr. Hernandez           Resource Teacher

In conjunction with our district, our mission is to implement a balanced instructional program that provides ALL students with the opportunities, experiences and resources to be successful. The expectation is that ALL students will become proficient in basic computational and procedural skills, develop conceptual understanding, and become adept problem solvers. The goals of the Mathematics Program are twofold:

To implement a coherent, district-wide content and standards driven mathematics plan.

To provide instructional and professional support to local districts and school sites, so that ALL students will achieve proficiency in Algebra 1 and more advanced mathematics courses.

These goals are supported strategically through four program components:

  1. The development and use of grade specific instructional units.
  2. The use of teacher experts, school site coaches and local district leadership to guide professional development.
  3. The use and analysis of formative and summative assessments.
  4. The use of assessment data to focus and implement immediate intervention where students most need help.
Math Videos!
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We Love Math!
We Love Math!

What is Deductive Reasoning?  

Arriving at a conclusion based on a series of accepted premises.  For example: All birds have feathers.  A sparrow is a bird.  Therefore, a sparrow must have feathers. (deduction)

What is a Postulate?

In Geometry it is part of Proofs. A postulate is an AXIOM or a statement that is taken to be true.  Axioms serve as the premise or starting  point for further reasoning and arguments. This word comes from the Greek word Axioma "That which is thought worthy or fit or that which commends itself as evident."  This word can have subtle differences in definition depending upon the subject matter it is used in.