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Project learning involves dynamic tools and the ability to work together. Please support our students. A donation of 5 - 10 dollars, encourages larger companies to match funding. Thank you for all you do for our kids. Mrs. Barbeau

Mrs. Barbeau

Remember to creative read/write for 20 minutes a day.

Smarter Balanced Testing will begin when we return from break.

Practice these websites to prepare for the Reading Comprehension and Short Constructed Response questions.

Focus on citation methods: 


Please be prepared with the following information:

-memorize your Student ID#

-memorize your Schoology email, login and password

-samples of your best writing skills (to be placed in portfolio) 

-daily vocabulary practice - (levels 5-10)


Advanced Studies include:

-set up a vocabulary (grammar practice 2nd language)

-set up a account


Essential Question: What strategies do humans use to overcome difficult obstacles and face harsh challenges?


Homework includes:

-10+ minutes reading and/or writing 

-4+ minutes vocabulary practice

-3+ minutes organize notes on novel

-1+ minutes selecting precise vocabulary or language structures in text

7th Grade ESL English Summer Project

7th ESL/ELD/ELA Summer Project


Dear 7th Grade ELD/ESL/ELA Students,

Happy Summer time. I am looking forward to working with you and your families in the new semester. Please review and complete the following Daily Summer Journal.


Summer Project includes daily vocabulary and grammar practices.


Write a Weekly Summer Journal about your activities

Today, we planned to ____

Next, we decided to _____

After, we had to_____

Finally, we wanted to _____

I was really _____ about the things we did today.

Underline one new word or phrases you learned or think is important in each journal entry.


Read Ahead

7th grade novel selections include:

Bearstone by Will Hobbs

Can You Feel The Thunder by Lynn E. McElfresh

Break Through by Francisco Jimenez

WJHC On The Air! by Jane Smith Fisher


Focus on earning points now

Accelerated Reader biweekly student selected novel testing

ReadWorks a weekly short constructed response test weekly vocabulary testing from 7th grade Collections, the 7th grade LAUSD Common Core English textbook.


We each make a difference. Mrs. Barbeau