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ESA 2014-2015

Promoting academic and athletic success for the student-athlete

Welcome to our sixth year of the Emerson Sports Academy! I am excited to be working our sixth, seventh and eighth grade student-athletes to develop the academic and athletic skills to succeed in school, sports, and life.

Our program graduated the largest class of ESA students in 2014 and will continue to hold high expectations.

Ms. Shanley, Ms. Dawson, Mr. Rappaport, and Ms Hernandez will continue to teach in ESA this year.

We are excited about our growing collaboration with the UCLA athletic department. We will continue to participate in UCLA's I'm Going to College program at the Rose Bowl for two Pac 12 games. Our Bruin for a Day program will allow our students to spend time on campus with student athletes as well. We will also collaborate with several athletes through the UCLA Adopt-A-Classroom program allowing us to watch volleyball, soccer, and softball/baseball games and meet with athletes after competition.

ESA focuses on Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. The concepts of the pyramid will help our students strive for competitive greatness.

This year ESA meets every morning during AT.

On Mondays and Tuesdays students participate in the Accelerated Reader program which helps students read for comprehension. Students are encouraged to read about 20 pages per school day or about 100 pages per week.

On Wednesdays we collect/write Cornell Notes. Cornell Notes are a note-taking strategy designed to help students record important information and design questions to check their own understanding and summarize their learning.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays students learn a new sport such as Ultimate Frisbee, Team Handball or other alternative sports. Students will also have the chance to develop their individual sport skills in basketball or baseball/softball or improve strength and conditioning.

All ESA students have Mr. Hastings for PE and individualized goals for running days.

ESA GPA minimum is 2.5. We expect ESA students to be A and B students!

Students who meet the program expectations for GPA, PE, AR, and Cornell Notes will be invited to a "trifecta" reward.

If you want to support ESA with a donation, we love canisters of powdered Gatorade for ESA students on running days. If you are interested in making a monetary donation, feel free to download our "Annual Expenses" file below and let us know what expense you would like to help fund.

Please contact Ms. Noriko Nakada for more information.