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Emerson Sports Academy

What is ESA?

During the 2009-2010 school year, Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School launched ESA, the Emerson Sports Academy. This small-school community helps student-athletes balance a rigorous academic and athletic schedule. Academically, students utilize Cornell Notes for note-taking and organization and are held to the high academic standard of a 2.5 GPA. Athletically, ESA students develop individualized strength and conditioning goals.  Emphasis is also placed on nutrition, emotional development, and mental toughness utilizing Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

Parent Involvement
The Academy hopes to foster a positive relationship between students, families, schools and sports programs.  We offer training to our parents to help ESA students plan for high school and beyond. We ask that parents attend one grade-level specific meeting a year and one ESA activity a year through volunteerism or donation. These activities include: Back-to-School Night, guest speaker events, ESA jog-a-thon, sports specific skills clinics, UCLA campus visits, UCLA sporting events, Dodger night, Santa Barbara trip, Emerson sports events, Open House, middle school articulation at feeder elementary schools, and Emerson family tours.
ESA Benefits
ESA works closely with the UCLA athletic department to provide access to collegiate sports and athletes. ESA participants meet UCLA student athletes and attend collegiate level PAC 12 sporting events at Pauley Pavilion, Drake Stadium, Easton Field, Jackie Robinson Stadium, and the Rose Bowl. Eighth graders get the opportunity to be a Bruin for a day when UCLA student-athletes meet take our students on a tour and offer advice for our young scholars. ESA also travels to Santa Barbara to visit campus and discuss post-secondary options. ESA acknowledges student achievement throughout the school year with Wooden Awards for competitive excellence in areas such as 4.0 gpa honors, perfecta awards, and marathon, half-century, and century awards running awards.