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Online Learning Program

mental health assistance

LAUSD has established a hotline to provide Mental health support for students, parents, and staff. The hotline is available Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm. To speak with a mental health professional call (213) 241-3840

Technical Support

1If you are experiencing technology issues with your LAUSD Chromebook, Schoology, or student's Single Sign On account, call  the LAUSD Instructional Technology Division (ITD) at (213) 241-5200 or go to for assistance.

If you need help with your Parent Portal account or pin go to the Parent Portal webpage or call the Parent Portal Helpdesk at (213) 443-1300

Get a free digital library card and read free ebooks at the LA County Digital Library website!

Weekly Schedule
Academic program office hours

Use the button below to enter a zoom Meeting with Emerson Counselor Ms. Farahmand if there are questions about a students schedule. Students and parents are welcome. Office ours will be from 8am to 10am every morning for the first 5 days of school. Reasons to request class changes are:

  • 6th graders who do not have an Academy Time class, have not chosen an academy or would like to change their AT.
  • Students who have more than one of the same class, or are missing a class on their schedule.
  • Students who want to change into or out of honors or accelerated math classes.

Changing periods of the same subject will not be made at this time. 7th and 8th grade students who wish to change academies must speak with their academy teacher first before seeing Ms. Farahmand.


academy teachers

STEM: Ezel, Barbeau, Reynoso, Everts, Forbes, 

Leadership: Denmark, Borowski, Johnson, Montgomery, Fukuji, Reyes 

Emerson Sports Academy: Nakada, Hastings, Tarula, Haney, Hernandez, Cook

Arts and Adventure: Wilson, Graham, Shanley, Sierer, Gravning, Stuback, Garcia


Parent and students, please check your textbooks to ensure you have the correct math books.  There was confusion with some of the upper level math classes (honors) and we want to ensure everyone has what they need:


6th grade:

Honors: 1st  & 2nd semester 6th grade books

High Honors: 1st & 2nd semester 6th grade books + 1st semester 7th grade book

General Ed. and Special Ed. - 1st semester 6th grade

7th grade:

Honors: Glencoe Math Accelerated - A Pre-Algebra Program (orange and yellow book)

High HonorsBig Ideas Algebra + workbook (purple book)

General Ed. and Special Ed. - 1st semester 7th grade

8th grade

HonorsBig Ideas Algebra + workbook (purple book)

High Honors: Big Ideas Geometry + workbook (purple book)

General Ed. and Special Ed. - 1st semester 8th grade

Please check to ensure that you have received the correct book(s).  IF you haven't received the correct books(s), please plan coming to Emerson immediately to rectify and get the correct materials

Emerson will be open daily beginning Monday, August 17th, from 8 to 3.  We are also open Friday, August 14th from 8 to noon.  No need to call and make an appointment.


History - 6th and 7th grade

We have also received the workbooks for 6th and 7th grade history so please plan on coming up immediately to receive your history workbook.  No need to call for an appointment, feel free to come up for the workbook.