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2020 8th Grade Information

Virtual Culmination event

When: Wednesday June 10, 2020

Time: Event begins at 1:30pm. Login available at 1:00pm so you can test connection and device. 

Send Mr. Watson a recognizable toddler/baby picture by email to by May 24th. Include the student's name in the subject line. 

Prepare for the culmination event. Notify family members. Research how to cast your device to a large screen TV.


8th grade dues, Physics Day, and Grad Night payments will be refunded on June 4th and 5th when students drop off books and devices. Dues will have delivered merchandise subtracted (i.e. t-shirt, sweatshirt, panorama picture, etc.) 

If you choose to donate your dues, email Mr. Watson. THANK YOU!

text book and device return

8th grade textbooks and Chromebooks (unless attending summer school) will be returned on June 4th and June 5th:  June 4th A-K and June 5th L-Z.  Students will also clean out their lockers.  Book/device collection and locker clean out will be from 8 to 12. Social distancing and masks are required.


Purchase your yearbook at Click the image to create an account. Yearbooks are $35. Customization is available for an extra charge. Yearbooks will be delivered to your home.


summer school

Summer school enrichment courses are available through Local District West. 8th grade students may also take 9th grade enrichment courses available on the LAUSD website. 

Click HERE to download the Local District West Enrichment Program flyer

Go HERE to see a list of ninth grade enrichment classes on the LAUSD website .

tips for transitioning to high school

Find out how to register for high school. Do it early! Opportunities will probably be limited to only a few days and times. Don't procrastinate, avoid the rush.

Download the district bulletin explaining A-G classes and high school graduation HERE.




8th grade awards virtual ceremonyMay 28th at 6pm

students listed below will receive certificates during the ceremony

Students listed in alphabetical order by FIRST NAME

Aaron Villanueva

Abdul-Khaliq, Daiyaan

Ailen Santiago

Alaysia Holiday

Alina Lewis

Amanda Hsieh

Andrew Saucedo Gomez

Andria Salanga

Andria-Julianna Salanga

Angel Mejia

Anina Hart-Lemberger

Arielle Hernandez

Balint Boyyanszki

Barber-Choi, Nicholas

Brian Raymundo

Bryanna Martin

Caleb Martin

Carter Benoit

Dalina Reynoso

Daniel Finn             

Daniel Iurkov

David Gol

Dayanara Blanco  

Deeana Pichetrungsi

Denise Cortes

Destin Wimsatt

Earnhardt, Jaxon

Eden Roberts

Elizabeth Guillen

Ella Van Every

Elliot Han

Enzo Cajita

Eva Antonio

Evelyn Mann

Fayemarie Whitney

Francisco Jimenez Garcia

Gabriel Villar

Gabriela Hernandez

Guillermo Montano

Gurung Prasiddha

Hailey Olivares

Henry Schmitt

Ian Pagan

Ila Salazar

Ilia Kozlov

Irvin Perez-Villada

Isabella Strong

Isabelle Baehler

Jacob Castaneda

Jacob Sobel

Jade Rivera

Jaiden Fine

Jasmine Sandoval

Jaxon Earnhardt

Jaylah Kamal

Jessica Bejarano

Jessica Moore

Jiane Ripotola

Johnny Garcia

Jonathan Amosa-Levy

Joshua Colindres

Joshua Lalezarian

Joshua Pompa

Julianna Salanga

Kaio Wilson

Karen Estevez

Kayla Henssens

Kelsey Stuback

Key Hematian

Liliana D’aguiar

Lily Cervantes

Lindsey Tobar

Liv Tal

Loren Mcgee

Lorenzo Cajita

Lucas Spehar

Maayan Zinman

Macy Ammon-Rosier

Maddalena Henry

Madeline Terry

Maria Bautista

Marisol Castro

Mayra Serrano

Melody Lopez

Michael Tuck

Nasir Ledwith

Natalia Adney

Natalie Lopez Ramos

Nelson Ajanel

Nicholas Barber-Choi

Nikita Abramson

Nikko Levey

Nikolos Cowart

Nylah Jordan

Olivia Carter

Owen Rooney

Paola Estrada

Paras Ram

Parker Ward

Payton Graue

Pineda, Sophia

Prasidda Gurung                                       

Raven Harris

Raymundo Lozano

Rianna Levit

Ricardo Chavez Garcia

Rosemary Devian

Sabrina Tanner

Sagar Ram

Samuel Armstrong

Samuel Guerrero

Sean Jones

Shiran Benafshe

Skyler Kane

Sophia Pineda

Sophie Gopen

Skylar Kane

Ulyses Morales

Vanessa Luis

Vanessa Ramirez

Vincent Benveniste

Yasmine Bakhtiari